Camp Revach

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All campers must complete the application to apply to camp. Medical forms are due by the first day of camp. Please make sure to submit your medical form to your doctor with ample time to get it before camp. Due to CT state law no child will be allowed to come to camp without completed medical form and permission slip.

Camper Application

Permission slip 2017

Staff and camper health exam

Girls Staff Application 2017

Boys Staff Application 2017

Applications can be emailed to or mailed to
Camp Revach
32 Hillside Avenue
Waterbury CT 06710

All forms can be given to Mrs. Chavi Brecher in the office 

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Full summer:     Monday, June 26– Friday, August 18

First Session:
 Monday, June 26 – Friday, July 21
Second Session:
Monday, July 24  – Friday, August 18

Camp Registration:   Camp applications should be downloaded and submitted by May 15, along with a $100 non-refundable check as a deposit.  This registration fee is PER CAMPER. After this date, there is no guarantee your child will have a spot in Camp Revach.

Communication:  Please note that all forms of communication from Camp Revach throughout the summer are via email.  Please make sure to submit an email address that is checked daily.

Three year old  bunk (entering Nursery in 2017):  The camp schedule will be from 9:00-3:00.  Please be aware that your child will not be going on the bus to and from camp and it is best to arrange a carpool.  The rest of the camp is dismissed on the bus at 3:30; however, dismissal at 3:00 for nursery is necessary to ensure the safety of your child. Also, please note that children entering nursery will not be going on any trips due to bus regulations.

Please note that ANY child entering preschool next year, even those not toilet trained, are eligible to come to Camp Revach.

Please make sure your Nursery child has a water bottle that s/he will be able to drink from and will not spill.

Bus Information:  Camp Revach and the Bus Company will determine all bus routes for Camp Revach.  There is no guarantee of a private home pickup/drop off.  We will inform you of your stop before camp starts. Camp Revach has the right not to allow a camper on the bus due to inappropriate behavior.

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Nut Free Facility:  Please remember that we are a NUT FREE facility. Absolutely no peanuts or tree nuts are allowed to be brought into camp!  Please be advised that some bunks will also not be allowed to send in food that “may contain traces of nuts”.  We will inform you on that when camp begins.

TRIPS: There are going to be many trips throughout the summer for the children going into Kindergarten and older. Camp T-shirt needs to be worn on trip days. A reminder will be emailed to you the day before the trips.

BIRTHDAY PARTIES: We welcome summer birthday parties in Camp Revach!! Please contact us when you would like to schedule a party and we will put it into your child’s daily schedule.  No homemade cakes or cookies are allowed to be served in camp and everything served needs to be pareve and nut free. You may give pekalach to each child but please keep them small.

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CLOTHING: Pre- School: Please send in a change of clothing that is labeled and a smock with your child to camp.   The clothing will remain in camp throughout the summer. If the clothing is used, please wash and send back to camp as soon as possible.

Please send in a towel and bathing suit with your child daily.  It is preferable that water shoes remain in camp. If this is not an option please notify your counselor and she will send them home daily.  Please send in a labeled suntan lotion that can remain in camp.

Please do not send in any jewelry or toys to camp with your child.   Please label all items sent to camp, i.e bathing suits, towels, hats, camps, sweatshirts…There will be a lost and found located in camp.  All items left at the end of the summer will be given away or discarded.


Tznius is the foundation of every Bas Yisroel and the very foundation of Klal Yisroel.
– All girls going into 1st, 2nd and 3rd grades must wear socks, skirts that cover the knee
– All girls going into 4th grade and up must wear knees socks, skirts that cover the knee and  shirts that at least cover the elbow.  No short socks are allowed


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ILLNESS: Please do not send your child to camp if he/she is displaying any of the following symptoms: Fever, green runny nose, red eyes, heavy coughing or loose bowel movements.  Please wait 24 hours after symptoms go away before sending your child back to camp.

If your child gets nits/lice during the summer, please notify camp immediately.   Your child will not be able to return to camp until s/he is cleaned from nits.

LUNCH & SNACKS: Please make sure your child eats a nutritious breakfast every morning so that he/she will have energy for a fun filled day.  We are very excited that we will be having a hot lunch program in Camp Revach this summer. Every single child will receive hot lunch daily, in addition there will be a daily morning snack provided by Camp Revach.  There is no additional fee for this; payment is included in your camp tuition.  Please send in two snacks and with your child daily. Please send in a water bottle that is large enough that your child can drink from throughout the day.