Rabbi Yehuda Brecher
Rabbi Brecher has been at Yeshiva K’tana since 2002. He has a Masters in Educational Leadership and Smicha, and he is a teacher and menahel over the summers in Camp Morris. Rabbi Brecher enjoys having seen the school start with a few students and blossbrecher2om into a wonderful flourishing institution. His biggest sense of accomplishment comes from seeing children succeed both here, and at the high caliber high schools they move on to. He is a coordinator for Waterbury Hatzalah.

Rebbetzin Penina Noy

Rabbi Baruch Levine
S’gan Menahel
Rabbi Levine has been at Yeshiva K’tana since 2005. In addition to being a singer and composer, he has a Masters degree in Educational Leadership, teaching degrees from multiple institutions, and received Smicha from Beis Din Yerushalayim. Rabbi Levine works on several school wide extra curricular programs such as yedios klaliyos anlevine2d bereishis yedios, as well as developing and overseeing the Judaic Studies boys’ curriculum. He considers his greatest success to be preparing his 5th grade students with the skills necessary for lifelong success of learning Gemara and Chumash, and infusing them with a love for yiddishkeit and for the Gedolei Yisroel whom we receive our mesorah from.

Rabbi Yerachmiel Karr
Executive Director
Rabbi Karr joined the Yeshiva K’tana staff in 2011. With his background in financials, he works hard behind the scenes to keep things running smoothly and efficiently.karr