Other Ways to Give

There are many ways to help Yeshiva K’tana earn money without costing you any extra money.
  • Shoprite and Stop and Shop – email rshteierman@ykwaterbury.org  with your 12 digit Shoprite and 13 digit Stop and Shop card numbers, and we will be able to sign your card up so that for every dollar you spend we receive points to help us get computers, supplies, and many more school items! You can sign up your Shoprite card online by clicking here.
  • Amazon.com – Link Congregation K’tana of Waterbury to your account and ALWAYS check out using smile.amazon.com Yeshiva K’tana will receive a percentage from your purchase! This requires you to make all transactions from smile.amazon.com. It is the same password and interface as amazon.com
  • TD Bank – TD Bank through the affinity program contributes a significant amount of money to Yeshiva K’tana.  If you have an existing account or open a new account ask the representative to link your accounts to affinity # A3522. Below is a flyer further explaining the affinity program.