Waterbury Community

Waterbury, CT hosts a thriving Jewish community. The following is a partial list of resources available in Waterbury:

Shuls and Minyanim

B’nai Shalom
135 Roseland Avenue, Waterbury, Connecticut Ph: 203.754.4159 F: 203.725.0280

Yeshiva Ateres Shmuel of Waterbury
47 Buckingham, Waterbury, CT 06710 Phone: 203-756-1800 Email: office@yasw.org

Kehilla Shaarei Tefilla
Blue Ridge Dr Ext, Waterbury, CT 06704


Mikvah Tcharna of Waterbury
186 Roseland Ave, Waterbury, CT 06710 Phone: 203-754-4150

Please insure that any items you purchase are under appropriate hashgacha.

Kosher World (kosher grocery and pizza)
701 Cooke St, Waterbury, CT 06710 Phone:(203) 757-4992

Shoprite (large kosher grocery selection)
943 Wolcott Street Waterbury, CT 06705 Phone:(203) 756-5614

Ami’s Bagels
111 Thomaston Ave, Waterbury, CT