Learn, Thrive & Grow in Waterbury Connecticut


Yeshiva K’tana of Waterbury is proud to serve the Jewish community of Waterbury, CT and the surrounding areas by providing a quality education to students Age 3 through 8th grade. Yeshiva K’tana continues to fulfill its mission to create a standard of excellence in providing an exceptionally content-rich and engaging dual-curricular education in liberal arts and Jewish studies in an atmosphere of warmth and enthusiasm where every student has a special place.

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The Yeshiva K’tana is unique in that it offers an excellent,comprehensive dual curriculum in both limudei kodesh and General Studies subjects. More than anything, though, the school prides itself on having truly warm, inspiring rebbeim and teachers who put their hearts and souls into developing all aspects of their students’ intellectual and spiritual growth. The results are happy, thriving children, as evidenced by the smiling faces and sounds of laughter that echo in the halls each day.

The teachers also place great emphasis on developing fine character traits (middos) in their students and teach a broad spectrum of skills, such as computer literacy, that will enable their students to enter the world as upstanding, well rounded young adults. In fact, our students are consistently accepted to the finest institutions upon graduation.

In order to enhance the general knowledge of the students throughout the year, there are also many extracurricular programs offered such as music, gym, dance, computers, crafts and library as well as many exciting science, history and literary projects throughout the year.

In addition to this, the rebbeim, moros and teachers continuously strive to improve the quality of their teaching with in-service days and educational workshops throughout the year. The tremendous enthusiasm that they display for their profession in turn motivates their students to achieve greater heights. The personal attention that each and every child receives also ensures that they will learn and grow in Torah, middos and general knowledge.

As you enter the school building, you are immediately surrounded by the sights and sounds of students learning. The pure voices of children davening and imbibing the Torah’s ancient wisdom reverberates throughout the hallways, setting the backdrop of our beautiful school.